Our Quality Improvement Plan outlines our actions for ongoing improvement.

The National Quality Framework (NQF) provides a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality improvements for early childhood education and care services.

Little Angels has a Quality Improvement Plan in place which provides a benchmark for review and ongoing assessment. As we are a new Centre we have not yet been assessed by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority against the National Quality Framework.

In order to meet the National Standard we must ensure adequate staff to child ratios, staff have early childhood qualifications and that we outline our commitment to improvement across key areas within our Centre.

Little Angels’ Quality Improvement Plan outlines our Philosophy and KEY actions towards the following:

Quality Areas:
  • Educational program and practice

  • Children’s health and safety

  • Physical environment

  • Staffing arrangements, including staff to child ratios and qualifications

  • Relationships with children

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • Leadership and service management

Guiding Principles:
  • The rights of the child are paramount

  • Children are successful, competent and capable learners

  • Equity, inclusion and diversity

  • Valuing Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures

  • The role of parents and families is respected and supported

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • High expectations for children, educators and service providers