Little Angels is your NEW local childcare & kindergarten for children from birth to 5 years old.

Located in Salisbury and Anglican owned, we provide exceptional childcare & kindergarten programs, supportive educators, delightful facilities and many inclusions. At Little Angels, we put families first and make sure that both children and parents’ needs are catered for each and every day.

Part of our initial meet and greet is getting to know you and your child and understanding what things will help settle them and what things we need to be mindful of.

We are a birth to 3 year old childcare specialist.

As a childcare and kindergarten specialist, our priorities at Little Angels include:

  • Nurturing your child with care, guidance and support
  • Nourishing your child with nutritious food, family values and early learning
  • Communicating with you on the things you want to know about
  • Providing your child with fun play and specialist programs

We encourage you to enrol early and waitlist a place for your child or come and visit us to see first-hand how we provide exceptional childcare for each and every child at Little Angels Salisbury.

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